Two unusual electronic instruments that were part of a greater ensemble, built for an exhibition in China. Idea and hardware by Daniel Araya. Programming and I/O-electronics by 9bit.

The Metronomes

Three metronomes were built, one master and two slaves. The tempos of the slave units are synced to the master but the beat patterns that they play differ. The pattern generation algorithms used are mostly Euclidean Polyrhythms of varying lengths and “densities”. Thank’s to Wouter Hisschemöller’s page for cutting my firmware dev time.

The master unit features a tempo knob, sync-to-slave output, metronome beep, metronome light flash, DMX output.

The slave units feature a pattern length knob, pattern density knob, sync-to-master input, metronome beep, metronome light flash, DMX output.

Analyzing a DMX signal

DMX sync test

Wrapping it up

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