Week 7 2015 Forsbergs Arduino Course

Four days of electronics and programming

You know you love it. The course contents were essentially the same as this course, and followed the posts on this site.

We also found a few errors in the posts, so I had an opportunity to correct them. Thank you Forsbergs Design 2 2014-2015 for beta testing ;)

Some of the students connected Processing IDE (on the Mac) to an Arduino using the serial-communications. Thus, the Arduino became an interface to Processing’s on-screen drawing tools. For an example, see this student project by Mattias Green.

A distant colleague of mine happened to have an Arduino course at the same time. They also connected Arduino to Processing, to enable physical control over audio sample playback on the computer.

Week 50 2014 Forsbergs Arduino Course

A one-week crash-course

…in electronics and programming. This is the kit we used for the course:

1602 LCD Servo Dot Matrix Breadboard LED Resistor UNO R3 Starter Kit for Arduino (eBay)

We did not use most of the advanced stuff in it. I also added a couple of components:

  • One solenoid: 12 volts, the strongest and longest slew I could find for a reasonable price (eBay)
  • One transistor: TIP120 60V / 5A (electrokit)
  • One high power diode: 1N4001, 50V / 1A (electrokit)
  • One power adapter 12V / 5A (eBay)

A few other things need to be added, for example a couple of decoupling capacitors, 0.1µF and 10µF, and maybe a fat electrolyte for smoothing out effects of sudden power draws.

Original kit contents:
1 x UNO R3 Mainboard
1 x USB Cable (30cm HIGH QUALITY,color could be blue or black,base on stock type)
1 x Extension Board with mini breadboard
1 x 830 Contact Points Breadboard
1 x 5mm LED Assorted Kit (Red/Green/Yellow 10pcs each + White 5pcs + RGB Trip-color 1Piece)
1 x 8bit Shift Register 74hc595
1 x MAX7219 Chip
2 x Buzzer 5v (1 active and 1 passive)
1 x Eight-segment Display (1-digit Common Anode)
1 x Eight-segment Display (4-digit Common Anode) with clock
10 x Push Button Switch 12*12mm
5 x Mini Push Button Switches 6*6mm
1 x Light Dependent Resistor (photocell)
20 x 10KΩ Resistor
20 x 220Ω Resistor
5 x 1kΩ Resistor
1 x 5k Trimpot Adjustable Resistor Potentiometer
1 x 10k Trimpot Adjustable Resistor Potentionmeter
1 x LM35 Temperature Sensor
1 x 1602 LCD Display
1 x PS2 Joystick Module
1 x Stepping Motor 5v
1 x Stepping Motor Driver Board
1 x SG90 Servo Motor
1 x RGB Module
65 x Jumper Wires
10 x Dupont Lines(Female to Female)
1 x 2.54mm Straight 40 Pin Header
1 x 2.54mm Elbow 40 Pin Header
1 x Mercury Switches
1 x Flame Sensor
1 x Infrared Sender
1 x Infrared Receiver
1 x Remote Controler (Battery- CR2025 Not Included)
1 x 8*8 Dot Matrix Display
1 x 5v 10A Relay Module with optocouple
1 x DC 9v Battery Button Cable (Battery-9V Not Included)

Additional info

SainSmart UNO R3 – Arduino Forum Lessons for a similar kit. The advanced lessons are not covered in this blog yet.